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French Leasebacks Basics

The tourist leaseback scheme was introduced by the French government in 1976 to enhance the tourist industry in different parts of France, and options to buy vacation homes. We are advertising French leaseback developments from a number of developers and property management companies.

We have over 200 French Leasebacks in France, and the latest news, options, potential revenue and leaseback terms.
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French Leaseback Basics

  • investment in FranceFrench Leaseback Properties are sold furnished and maintained in excellent condition by a management company during the lease term
  • Rental income: from 4% to 6% of your initial investment during 9 years minimum
  • Up to 100% of the purchase price of the property can be financed by our partners at attractive rates
  • Tax advantages: 2 years exemption from Tax Fonciere (Tax on Property)
  • Lower deposit than for a resale property (5% instead of 10%)
  • Search for Property investments located in growth potential tourist areas along the Mediterranean Coast, the Atlantic coast and the Alps, in a steady political and economical environment in the first most visited country in the world.
  • Notary fees vary between 2 and 4 % for the purchase of a new property whereas it is usually between 6-8% for a resale property

Types of French Leaseback Property

You can buy apartments, duplexes, ski chalets and villas – there are even opportunities to buy into rooms in hotels across all France. The spread of property ranges from Paris, Bordeaux and Cannes across all regions from Brittany to the French Riviera, France.

More about French Leasebacks

Here are some more buying Leaseback in France FAQs:

Top Leaseback Searches in France

1. Provence Leaseback – most popular real estate in the south of France
2. Brittany Leaseback – very popular with the British
3. Ski Chalet and Apartments – for sale in Rhone-Alpes, France
4. Paris – in and around the capital
5. Leasebacks less than 100,000 euros – great value investments