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Travel Insurance

When partaking on a holiday, having travel insurance is essential to provide protection in the event something would happen to go wrong. You can find different kinds of online travel insurance on the internet from a variety of providers. Some of these vary according to how often you travel. One type of travel insurance is known as single trip travel insurance. This is a good option for those people who do not travel much in a given year.

Usually there is a great deal of flexibility in selecting and designing single trip travel insurance. For instance, the specific duration of the trip can be selected. If certain types of cover come with the policy that appear to be unnecessary, many insurers will remove these which can help bring the premium cost down. Single trip travel insurance cover can be for a single individual or for a family or group of friends.

The other type of travel insurance is annual multi-trip insurance. When comparing the premiums of that type with single trip travel insurance, the single trip is about a third of the cost. Generally, unless you will be taking more than three trips in one year, single trip travel insurance is the most economical choice. Most single trip travel insurance can be taken out for a maximum of 180 days. This amount may vary between insurers. If your single trip will be longer than 180 days, there are some options. You can choose extended trip insurance or if you will be backpacking choose a backpacker’s insurance policy.

The specifics of each single trip travel insurance policy will vary according to policies and insurance companies. However, as a general rule, the same basic exclusions are made. For instance, some polities are not applicable if traveling to a war zone. Some also will not cover certain extreme sports or activities. These require additional coverage.