Saving Money On Your Leaseback Property

When looking for a French Leaseback investment most people put a lot of effort into getting the right deal. Value for money is one of the most important factors for people buying investment property in France.

What is often overlooked however is money that can be saved by using a currency broker instead of your bank.


When can I save money?

1. Buying the Leaseback in France
2. Going on holiday in France or any other destination
3. Paying bills when your income is in another currency

What’s More!

You can order your currency in advance.

Why do this? Let us say that you have found your ideal French leaseback investment and you can afford it at today’s currency exchange rate. You can fix and buy the currency today with a 10% deposit and no matter what the exchange rate does between now and you signing on the dotted line you will have the same rate as when you bought.
Perhaps you think the exchange rate is going to deteriorate between now and any likely purchase of overseas investment you can do exactly the same thing and secure your funds at today’s rate.

Currency Alert Service

What if you have found your dream property but you are a little short of funds but at a more favourable exchange rate that property becomes affordable?
Simple ask to be notified of this event, you can ask the broker to alert you when the exchange rate is approaching your target and then you can reassess the situation.

Smaller Currency Movements

If you are going on a property viewing trip or indeed on holiday and you are sick of all the charges your bank makes every time you use your card there is a solution.
You can now get a Global Currency Exchange Mastercard that is already pre-charged with the currency of your choice (probably euros if you are visiting France) at the rate that you agreed to before you left.
This card is extremely handy for paying a deposit on your leaseback should you find one and or the money you use while you are away.
An increasing amount of holiday home owners are using these cards for paying there bills abroad while they are at home.
If you are interested in learning more about these services, then fill out the form below and an agent will contact you. You will be under no obligation to use any of these services.