French Leaseback Checklist

Make sure you understand the French Leaseback scheme and conditions – it is primarily an investment, and not a “home”. Here are some questions you should ask …

  • What is written into the lease agreement after the first nine years or quoted term of lease?
  • What are the terms of the renewal or cancellation?
  • Is the renewal automatic and will you have to pay a penalty if you do not renew it?
  • How much does the French management company charge for upkeep of the property?
  • Does the French Management Company have a good financial history?
  • Are there any penalties, either in the purchase or the leasing contract if you want to sell?
  • Are you free to sell to whomever you chose and free to advertise the sale openly?
  • What happens if the management company goes into liquidation?
  • Can another company take over the property and if so will you have the same contractual terms?